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Hey There. This is the first entry into my log. I dunno how much i'll update this but. it doesn't matter.
Anyways, the site finally got a navigation bar! Yeah! It'll get a lot more content-filled from now on.

I changed the music for this page to Night Fever by the Bee Gees. I can only use midi on my site, but it sounds fine. In fact, I kinda like these MIDI's on the site. They have a good feel to them. They took forever to set up, though.

Oh boy, it's Jingle Time in December. That means presents and cool holiday stuff. Like big trees. Maybe I'll add snow to the pages for festivities.

As Promised, here is my holiday cheer. It's cold outside (sometimes even here in SoCal) so don't even bother going outside. Curl up with a good book or game. Happy Holidays!

There are some music problems on the site. The Javascript i'm using doesn't read some of the most simple midi files I own. I'm looking into the problem. Once again, happy holidays...

Happy New Year, Humans. Didn't I tell you the future is upon us? Anyways, The Games section of the site is about to be set up. Don't look at it, it will blind you.

Wow. Twenty Days? I guess I got so wrapped up in the IRL dimension that forgot to updated or add anything, sorry. Expect something soon. Just Something.

New Game. That means a new page. And don't worry, I'll play a game that isn't an NES game...Someday. Stick around for now.

Hey there. I had to make new changes to the sidenav. It was getting cramped, and now the buttons are smaller. I'm sorry. I am glad, however, to add new buttons to the website. Thanks!

The best, and I stress to you, BEST types of illnesses are the ones where you can get any sleep. It is my fault, I probably should have gotten a flu shot. Also Website.

Three Weeks? That's a long time to be sick. What have you been doing, me? Don't worry, the site is still a WIP. Probably forever.

Future me, you're an idiot. Get a life. Buy a copy of Wolfenstien 3D. Something, man something!

Wow, 20 followers! That's a large number, for sure. That's a whole XX in roman numerals! (You know a number is big when it has an X in it. I read it in a Latin textbook.) Watch me be lazy some more, and I'll do a hat trick!