Welcome to Madville, Roger Bender's personal website, which is hosted on Neocities. Here, I stretch out the creative bone in my body and show off the things I enjoy.

As the years go by, my taste in what I play, watch, read, and hell, even create changes quite regularly. Madville, for me, is a personal archive of what I have done and what I am planning on doing in the future.

And if you find this stuff cool, that's an added bonus. :)

What's Up

11/28/23 - I should probably get a haircut, but everytime I go I get worried the barber will mess it up. Before I go, I always labor over what to tell him to do. I should just show him a photo of John Oates to be honest.

Article of the Now


Last year, I watched Chi-n-pi-ra, an 1980's yakuza movie that portrayed the organized crime of bubble-era Japan in beautiful detail. Over the last year I began searching out for more films with the same mix of action, comedy, and wonderful 80's production. Of the movies I found, my favorite was Yakuza tosei no sutekina menmen, or Those Swell Yakuza, released in 1988.(more...)


Stay cool everybody.


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