Welcome to Madville, Roger Bender's personal website, which is hosted on Neocities. Here, I stretch out the creative bone in my body and show off the things I enjoy.

As the years go by, my taste in what I play, watch, read, and hell, even create changes quite regularly. Madville, for me, is a personal archive of what I have done and what I am planning on doing in the future.

And if you find this stuff cool, that's an added bonus. :)

What's Up

1/14/23 - Adding some nice animated videos to the site in the latest article was tough. I never even considered .webp files until I saw their animation. More colors than GIFs at a fraction of a size!

Article of the Now


In recent years, it's become more than apparent to me that there is a definite void in the market when it comes to quality racing games. Sometimes it feels like there's nothing to play but bargain bin OutRun ripoffs with no depth and super-immersive racing simulators that are too realistic. It's gotten so bad that I've had to resort to playing a portable game from 14 years ago. (more...)


Stay cool everybody.


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