Rather than having a page of bad images I found on Gif Cities, i'll put links here to internet things all around, Including some of the cool Neocities sites i've seen. Maybe some images will be added later, I don't know.

Slayers Universe vip jlehr pain trash cinni dannarc IE hhgregg rxqueen outrun scenequeen ophanim 2cool4fp googol wsmz milk bill neon treats dream burger tokyo domu krypt 2bit comfy cube gloomy yandere encounter yudo wac gggd grossgirl mp3 neo nfts pete vgt namco kakashi wifu exopet _up mle thicc cool lemonish nostalgic spq nightcity COVID-19! webleaf frix scifirenegade rain's space pizza kva64 machine-cat galaxy absolute faiyubu disc haxrelm cadnomori sunnyformula cadnomori cadnomori cadnomori mothership ODDZONE sogovi


Darkrealms My favorite BBS. I go by Madtheswag.
RHDN another cool Resource Forum!
Galaga the official Galaga website. Needs to be updated.
Mario Royale duke it out on that cool thing they do (them kids) gone
The OutRun 86 Blog A blog about a favorite arcade game of mine, OutRun.
Archiverse Rest in Peace Miiverse - you will be missed.
MAME Perfect for towns with no arcades(Chuck E. Cheese's doesn't count).
The Howard and Nester Comics Archive Level 9 is under a rock in the 6th screen from the left on the top.
Iwata Asks The collection of interviews Satoru Iwata did with various people around Nintendo. Rest in Peace, President.
Kosmi A collection of cool multiplayer web apps.
Game Boy Essentials Cool reviews of Gameboy games.
Cannonball An open source port of OutRun, Yu Suzuki's masterpiece.
Pepsiman Website PEPSI for TV-GAME.
Taiko Web Best port of Taiko no Tatsujin. Most of the time it's unblocked, so that's cool.
Glitch City Laboratories This wiki helped me cheat my Pokémon Yellow cart with a Game Genie, so I feel obligated.
The Segagaga Open Source Translation Project Segagaga is the Dreamcast's swan song, a final game on a final console. Seeing it translated would be a blessing to the gaming community. I will watch this project with great interest.


The Old School Otaku Forum a great place for old anime fans to discuss anime-related topics. Check it out!
AnimeMUCK a dead Multi-User-Character-Kingdom. I go by Hitoshi_Kobe.
Tomobiki-cho The best source for Urusei Yatsura info on the web, darling.
This Internet Archival is important.
Jpop80ss Largest collection of City Pop and Jazz Fusion on the internet.
EvaXephon A website comparing Evangelion and RahXephon. I can't believe somebody's son coded this website.
PSI Scans They're translating Kyuukyoku Choujin R! That's great! The series deserves more love. Join the Optics Club today!


Excite a search engine late in its day
The Restart Page a cool tribute to restarting my pc.
Qodem Terminal a "public domain re-implementation of the DOS-era Qmodem serial communications package, updated for modern systems"! My prefered choice for accessing my favorite BBS's.
The Walkman Archive a very complete site with lots of info on different Walkmans, not sure if still updated.
BonziBUDDY It's been nice gnawing you!
Purple The Original purple dot com is back you guys!
Mark's Homepage Mark Zuckerburg's old web page. It's weird that he mentioned a yellow eye...
LGR-DOS Greetings! This is an LGR thing.
The World Wide Web Project Level 1. Start!
Penny's Pages The unofficial Neocities Wiki. I think this is where Kyle Drake has hiding Neocities 2.
The Froggy Page A webpage about frogs. It's cool, but not as cool as Virtual Chevrolet. Or the Monty Python Page.
SyncTerm Qodem has lost. SyncTerm reigns supreme. All bow down to our new terminal overlords.
MacDougall Electronics $12.95/MONTH ? NO WAY !


Pixels Fighting which side are you on?
IHateCilantro i'll just leave this here.
Avalon High a deceptively sad but really good webcomic.
Captain Marvel Official Movie Site Hey, What a modern design!
Radio Garden This is probably the best thing ever. It puts my transistor radio to shame.
The Max Headroom Chronicles A wiki a-all about my favorite tv ho-ost.
Ken Kramer's About San Diego It's just my favorite local broadcast show - about San Diego.
The McDonald's Playground Page You have to love this site's homemade gif art.
Macechan Rest in peace again, my sweet summer child.
Heaven's Gate A friend told me to put this here. Kool-aid is mighty tasty.
Kenny Kramer's Home Page The real Kramer made a website years ago. Only the REAL Kramer could think of a scheme like this!
Travis Latke's Galaxy Quest Vaults I've secretly been a huge Galaxy Quest fan for a long time. Travis here made a site for us Questerians. Never give up, Never surrender!
Crap From The Past Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber hosts a radio show in Minneapolis. He's a CD Fanatic, like myself, and he plays the best(?) of the past. There's a lot of crap on the radio, but there's only one Crap From The Past.
milkadman.com got milk?
The St. Elsewhere Experience Pretty much the internet's only real database and even, website about St. Elsewhere, the NBC Medical Drama.