The Pepsi Perfect Run

2015 was a big deal for nerds. It marked the 30th of the 1985 classics we all enjoyed. Probably most anticipated was the thirtieth of the Back to the Future Franchise and its infamous sequel, taking place on October 21st, 2015. The movie had flying cars, Max Headroom TV waiters, and Hoverboards. Lots of product placement was here, as is the norm in most utopian-esque future movies. One of them was Pepsi, and the 50 dollar (they didn't predict inflation very well) Pepsi Perfect.

It was advertised as a bottle that looked exactly as it did in the movie. The soda inside was just regular Pepsi, but the sheer awesomeness of the product was enticing enough. It was sold for $20.15 on the 21st of October. But the production run was only of 6,500. Way less than the demand of the product. Back to the Future is probably one of the best and most popular 80's movies, overlaping different fandoms and having multiple generations of fans. With that much behind it, the product was surely popular. The public was angry at PepsiCo for making such a limited run of something so great. Also, pricewise, it was kind of outrageous. To have a single bottle of regular Pepsi at over 20 dollars was asking for a lot. Too much, in most people's opinions. Now, unopened bottles of Pepsi Perfect are going for over 100 dollars, sometimes reaching almost 200 (the inflation is correct this time, unfortunately). But, unlike the Szechuan sauce craze from a couple years ago, there wasn't a lot of outrage at the lack of supply for the demand.

Recently, the Coca Cola Company announced that they were having a limited edition run of 2 Stanger Things themed Coke bottles. With these comes two cans of New Coke. With a production run of 175,000, priced at $19.85 for all four. With a better deal, and the higher production run, I hope this promotion will make us forget about all of the "Not-so-perfect" Pepsi production.