FogCam's Final Stretch

Internet history is an extraordinary thing. It tells many stories from many different time periods. From the NeXTCube used by Berners-Lee, the Dot Com bubble, Geocities, ANSI BBS systems, and all the way to the newest social networking platforms of today, there are stories all revolving around the way technology changed the world and the people around it. Preservation of the past, done by sites like The Internet Archive, is more important, in my opinion, than anything Google does regularly. While Google brings the future, The Wayback Machine teaches us about the past. That is something we take for granted.

Getting back on track here, a certain piece of internet history is going to leave us at the end of August 2019. The oldest running webcam, FogCam, is going to go offline at the end of the month. The Fogcam has been operating at San Francisco State University for a quarter of a century, with its location changing over time. This notice is of recent, and there is no official reason for it being shutdown.

But, in all honesty, it's not a big surprise that FogCam is leaving. It isn't really in the best interest of the university and Webdog and Danno. Nevertheless, I'm sad to see this website go after such a good run. I'll be there watching at the end of the month. Peace Out.


UPDATE 9/1/19: Thanks to all of the news coverage of FogCam's Shutdown, SFSU asked to keep it up indefinately. With a new location too! Visit them at