The Fighter Stick SN, fighting games, and crap

In this writing, i'll complain about the Super Nintendo peripheral Fighter Stick SN, fighting games in general, and crap. Unless you enjoy complaints about things that are of no use to anyone, I'd suggest an ice-cold Royal Crown cola. It makes it easier to read anything on the internet.

This stick, sold by asciiware, is standard affair. Membrane joystick, six face buttons, turbo and auto switches, the likes. The button layout, like all sticks, is in the LXR YBA Layout. This makes Street Fighter a pain to set up, with button adjustment. Platformers do okay with the stick. Super Gameboy works very well, especially with Donkey Kong '94.

This controller was 10 dollars USD used. There are lots of these in the market, and they go for very cheap everywhere. This controller is a good purchase for a schmoe like me, because my collection is tiny, and I need another controller. If you ever find this at a price under 10 and you need a controller, pick this up. It's better than nothing.