Super Mario Bros 2 (Japan)

As the first game on my page, I decided to show a classic. Or at least the Japan-only sequel to a classic. Anyways, this is Super Mario Bros. 2, also known as Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels everywhere else but Japan. This game is notorious for being finna-difficult, especially when compared to its International counterpart, Super Mario Bros. 2, also known as Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario USA. I'll stop talking and start showing the game.

The title screen. Looks similar to the first game, but with a new level and new graphics.

A complex mushroom grab. It requires you to hit the mushroom block, then launch it past the wall by hitting another block above you. keep in mind, this is the first level.

Death. I won't blame the game for this blunder; I'm simply very,very bad at the game, and all games in general

The Underground on the second level is also about the same, but this time with more pitfalls(literally).

Game over. This game offers a continue screen for the first time, probably in lieu of its difficulty.

It also adds poisonous mushrooms, as if the game wasn't hard enough.

Another strange thing about this game is that lots of things have eyes. There are 7 sets of eyes in this screen alone.

In some places, you can see similarities to the original. Like there familiar stones.

Halfway though the level, you have to jump from platform to platform, very quickly

Game over again.